Link Cloaker Concern #3

Alright final major concern, lets tackle this one head on!

  “How much will it cost??”

Ok I don’t think there’s any need to hide the price or to sugar coat things. There’s definetely need to justify our price. No need to ramble on about perceived value and how this is worth a tonne more than what we’re selling it for. Why? Because the Ninja Affiliate Link Cloaker will cost only $47!!

Yup, this killer piece of software is going to be LAUNCHED at a dirt cheap price. And when you factor in how much commission theft and affiliate link bypassing it’ll save you, it’s a no-brainer must have.

So why so cheap? Well I’d like to say we devised some huge calculation to come up with the magic price of $47, but it’d be a lie. I feel we’ve put a lot of time into this launch, to make it special, and at the insane price I’ve just announced, there’s no excuse for people not to get their hands on this.

I have however created a downside for some of you…. from one perspective anyway. The price can be seen very much as a double sided sword. With only 500 copies available, we expect these to sell out pretty damn fast. But now you know the price is no longer an issue, things are only going to sell out even faster…



Link Cloaker Concern #2

Moving right along, by far the second biggest concern you all had was:

“Isn’t this software tricking buyers, by not letting
them know your getting a commission?”

Spot on! Thats the beauty of it. The whole point of this link cloaker software is to fly under the radar as an affiliate, and stay completely hidden. If they know your getting commissions, it will kill sales. However if they think your just sending them to a website because you highly recommend it, and they think you’ve got no other motives, purchase rates will max out.

I gave this more thought though and realized the funniest thing. It not only tricks buyers, it has tricked the product owners who I’ve affiliated for!

On more than one occassion, I’ve had product owners actually contact me in a state of confusion, and the emails typically go like this.

“Hey Matt!

What happened to your affiliate links??
I was on your site today, and noticed
you’ve taken down ALL your affiliate
links and are now sending people straight
to our website.

The wierd thing is however, your commission
payout this week has almost doubled….
if your not using the affiliate links
anymore, how are you doing this?”

Obviously I’d just put in place my new software, but my lips have been sealed, up until now.

Tomorrow we’ll tackle our last major concern which we noticed showing up again and again, and that is price…

best regards,

Matt Haslem



Link Cloaker Concern #1

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing three major concerns about our up and coming launch of the NinjaLinkCloaker software.

This update will address concern #1…

“if we let the cat out of the bag by allowing everyone to get their hands on this software, wont it kill the effectiveness of the software?”

This is something I’ve given alot of thought to lately. It’s actually a more complex question than I originally read into. It can be viewed from a few point of views, and I failed to address the fact of “affiliate competition” If everyone is using the same software, you’ll no longer have an edge over your competition!

I gave some more thought about the issue and came to a few conclusions. Firstly, it will definetly give an unfair advantage against those not using it….which is awesome! We all want that extra edge over out competition. Most niches I’m in, their are relatively small numbers of affiliates competiting. So the edge isn’t required as much.

HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean I don’t use the link cloaker software in these cases! The NinjaLinkCLoaker boosts both click through rates and sales. So i’d be nuts to not use it.

Big markets however, where I’m battling against huge websites and companies who have money to burn on adwords, the software definetly gives me the extra edge to come into the market and be competitive.

The best thing is, the competing sites often just arrouse the market and get them interested in buying. Then once they find my site, they buy.

So although the software should be used no matter how much competition there is, it defitnetly does provide an edge if you’ve got some competition.

So to answer the concern, if EVERYONE has the same software, the effectiveness of having an edge in your niche would be killed. Now the only way I can consider getting around this is to limit the amount of copies we sell. Which is a damn shame.

If you havn’t realised already, I HATE COMMISSION THEFT! So my original plan was to sell as many copies as possible, which would help STOP others loosing commissions.

(And yeh ofcourse I also want to make a killing in sales from the launch)

However, sadly the only way I can solve the #1 concern would be to limit the availability of the software. So I’ve decided to limit the launch of the software to just 500 copies. Once we hit the 500 mark, sales will stop and the ordering systems will be taken off the site.

Best regards,
- Matt


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Weapon of Choice… Ninja Link Cloaker (Preview!)

Appearing as a simple device, the workings behind my software is where the beauty comes in. Highly advanced mD5 encryption, super quick redirecting & stealth cookie placing makes this one killer tool. At first, I focused on increasing my click through rates. Once I (well my programmers) had the tool working perfectly, I was able to completely hide my affiliate links from my visitors.

Now I knew other cloaking software out there claimed to hide affiliate links, but there was always a flaw, a simple “gotcha” which would hold it back. The affiliate links would either be seen in the message status bar, or they would be found at the end of the browser address

Other sites were simply framed within another site, and with the a simple tap of the right click on the mouse & view source, hello Tom Smith again!

Once all this was taken care off and the affiliate links were tottally hidden, I applied the software to all of my sites, and what I saw was nothing less than amazing….but it doesn’t stop there.

Onto conversion. Now of course I could argue conversion rates increased because no ugly TomSmith was seen in the browser bar. The vistor would now land on a on the real domain, the actual domain name of the product.

My review sites started to be seen as legit reviews of products, as I wasn’t just in it to earn commissions (well that’s what everyone thought!!)

Now I always new my software meant I wasn’t constrained with linking to the products promotion page. I could link them where ever I want. So i did. Everytime the product owner released a new article. I’d promote the article to my email lists and at the same time secretly receive commissions. I didn’t stop there though, I decided to take conversion one giant leap further.

After years of following internet marketing, the flaws in alot of the products websites I was promoting seemed clearly obvious. Weak headlines, poor copy, and sometimes even a lack of a salespage all were greatly affecting my conversions! Once again, factors I thought I had no control over.

Here’s where it gets better…. “PAYMENT PAGES”

My affiliate link cloaker software had opened up a tonne of new doors in my promotions. Ontop of everything else, I was now able to make my OWN sales pages, and within it direct people straight to the payment page and get commissions.

I could put “Buy Now” butttons on my review sites, heck I could even make “Buy Now” buttons and put them inside my emails.

The distinguishable line between affiliate and product owner wasn’t just blurred, it was completely gone.

I’d get people emailing ME asking about MY product! My product?? But I don’t sell dog training, knitting guides, weightloss programs….

These were products I knew absolutely nothing about. But they all thought I was the seller.


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My secret link cloaking tool to success…

Success in affiliate marketing comes down to three things,

Traffic, Click Thru Rates & Conversions

My belief though had always been traffic was the only true factor I was seriously able to control. So that’s what I worked on. SEO, adwords, review websites, article submission, email lists. In little under a year Id grown myself to over 20 websites.Commissions were off to a rocky start, but I slowly climbed them to a point where I was happy.

I was averaging a few sales a day, and with email list promotions I was able to hit an all time high. Crack open the bubbly, I was able to do $612.71 in one day!! The day ended in a big family dinner, my shout!

I’d built some healthy traffic and people were coming to my websites. Little did I know there was still something holding me back.

The fact of the matter was, my ads weren’t getting clicked enough. And when they did get clicked, commission theft!

In under a month though, that all changed. My traffic to my site had actually dropped, thanks to some blackhat penalties I’d been hit with from Google. But incredibly my sales were almost 10 times what they used to be daily. All my efforts had finally paid off, because I finally focused on the other 2/3rds of the equation. Click through rates & conversion.

Once I knew the problems, I’d set off to fix it, resulting in a highly complex link cloaking software tool, which would quickly become my secret affiliate weapon to boosting sales for the following year.

So after a year, where do i stand…

I’ve quit my job, I’m in the army part time and the rest of my time I spend doing whatever I want. Now the reason I’m making this software available to the public isn’t because I want to help you increase your conversions and click through rates. I absolutely hate competition and the last thing I want is you breathing down my neck! I’ve quit my job, I’m in the army part time and the rest of my time I spend doing whatever I want. Now the reason I’m making this software available to the public isn’t because I want to help you increase your conversions and click through rates. I absolutely hate competition and the last thing I want is you breathing down my neck!So giving you access to my secret tool for success could be seen as digging myself my own grave.

However, although I’m in some very competitive niches and my competition could begin to beat me, I’m also in many tiny niches with little to no competition, so I don’t see myself being affected too badly.

On top of this, hopefully the sales from this launch make the whole “taking it public” worthwhile.