We accurately represent this products. We have heard both from customers and our own tests that this product can increase both click through rates and conversions. We cannot completely verify our customers' statements, but we do require that each person we introduce to you provide us with substantiating information before we present their testimonials here. Also, while the testimonial may be accurate as of the time that we hear from the customer, the customer's experience may have significantly changed over time. While we will try to update our information on the customer providing the testimonial, we cannot assure you that our information will be up to date.

The success you have with the product is largely based on your current success. If your currently not getting any affiliate sales, then getting this software does not gaurantee you'll start to see sales. In cases like this, you may be having other issues like, not getting enough traffic to your websites. We do however believe, if you are currently receiving commissions, that this software can only improve them.

For all these reasons, your purchase and use of our products should be based upon your own due diligence and judgment on how best to use our products. You should not view our companys product as responsible for any success or failure of your business; we provide a tool that you can use to try to improve the promotion of your affiliate links. Your decision to purchase and use our products should be based on your own due diligence, and not on any representation that we make to you. We will not be responsible for any success or failure of your business after you implement the propduct you receive from us. We provide a tool that you can use to try to improve the operations of your business.

Clickbank reserves the right to change their policies and procedures at any time without notice.

All software is licensed & owned by NinjaLinkCloaker.com. Any attempts to copy or distribute the software will result in legal action.

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